Turn Data into Decisions.
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SAVVI AI empowers your team with Machine Learning to automate better business decisions faster. Increase automation, productivity, and profitability.

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How can SAVVI help you?

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Business Lead

Increase your business’s profitability and efficiency by making better decisions in your workflows with Machine Learning.

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Product Team

Empower your existing team to make intelligent product features,  personalization, and automation
in a single Sprint.

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Engineering Team

Launch Machine Learning Decisioning in production faster. Low-code setup, documented, secure, and scale ready.

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Data Science Team

Have a backlog of Machine Learning projects? Let us clear it with fast and easy deployment into production.

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Financial Services Solutions

Financial Services

Personalize Offers, Optimize
Credit Terms, Decrease Fraud, Increase Uptake of Loan Offers,
and more.

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Optimize Pricing, Automate Personalization, Maximize Upsell and Conversions, Set Media Mix, and more.

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Logistics Solutions


Optimize Roll Truck, Pick a Fulfillment Center, and more. Enhance TMS to increase efficiency & scale.

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Binding Optimization, Increase Uptake, Next Best Action, Follow-up Check-Ins, and more.

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Elevate your dashboard, product, or tools to the next level.

Make Better Decisions with your Data

Achieve goals and drive success with SAVVI-powered ML decisioning and insights. Don't predict: Decide.

Low-code / Low Effort Set-Up

An easy JavaScript drop-in, or just two APIs to embed ML-powered decisioning quickly. See our Dev Docs.

Collect Clean Cause/Effect Data

Not all data leads to learning, use our easy JS drop-in to collect clean cause-and- effect data to learn.

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Easy to Launch & Client Support Services

Set up in minutes. No need for Data Science experience. Intuitive tool with complete client support services.

Secure & Scalable

Our architecture keeps your data & models isolated and safe. Need more? On-prem solutions available. ​

Dynamic Data, Dynamic Decisions

Do you have a lot of decisions to make?
Is the decision situation constantly changing? SAVVI can handle that.

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SAVVI finds patterns in your data that helps you achieve your goals.

SAVVI AI is a Decisioning as a Service (DaaS) platform empowering every business to make better decisions, faster with machine learning automation - without the need for specialists or Machine Learning experience.

Turn your data into actionable recommendations. Empower your team to achieve more.  

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What they are saying

Several platforms enable teams to leverage AI without all the plumbing. SAVVI AI is the one I’ve had the most success with.

Forbes 2022

[SAVVI AI] uses machine learning to discover and implement the best decision faster and better than any traditional Agile process.


With SAVVI, our team is using Machine Learning to scale efficiently, saving time and money.

Joshua Tatum, CPO, Carputty

"Integrating was just super easy. It gave us ML functionality that we didn’t need to build ourselves."

PJ Caraher, CTO, Aeropay

"SAVVI AI’s comprehensive tool elevates our organizational marketing solutions by providing near real time insights and speed-to-market value to our clients."

Matt K., EVP GainShare

Finding the right price for products - maximizing for profitability and sell through.

Product Overview

SAVVI: An overview for Product Teams

Getting Started

Start seeing the results of better decisioning within days. Plugging in SAVVI is easy and fast.
Get started with or without data.

What kind of data do I need?

You need causality data (aka "event data"). Machine Learning needs to know the cause and effects of actions to find the patterns of success. Don't have causality data, or unsure? SAVVI can help you collect it quickly with an easy drop-in tag.

Start with Data

Identify a Use Case

Identify opportunities for learning in your tool, product or workflow.

Set up your Goals

Set up the goals (KPIs) which identify the success of the use case.

Upload or Connect Data

Upload your Data to prebuild models.

Start seeing Recommendations

Drop in a JavaScript or 2 APIs to start making data-driven decisions.

Watch SAVVI learn to make data-driven decisions.

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No Data (Cold Start)

Identify a Use Case

Identify opportunities for learning in your tool, product or workflow.

Set up your Goals

Set up the goals (KPIs) which identify the success of the use case.

Collect Causality Data

Use a JS tags or APIs, and start collecting data to build ML models.

Start Seeing Recommendations

Once models are built, start making data-driven decisions.

Watch SAVVI get data and build models for better decisions.

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