AI for FinServ and FinTech with zero specialists, infrastructure, or experience required.

Build and deploy AI use cases that lower ACH return rates, forecast charge-off, increases loan offer uptake, and more in 2 weeks.

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Savvi in action

See how Savvi can quickly and easily solve your business challenges. Increase operational efficiency, empower your team to succeed.

How it Works

Target a
business problem

Start with the decision, recommendation or prediction that you want to automate with AI.

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Data icon

Identify data to reach your goals

Determine the data you already have vs. what you need to collect to train a model.

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Connect with data or cold start

Easily integrate existing data or run a data cold start with a simple line of code in your app.

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Drop Savvi into your product or workflow

Once you've connected to Savvi, watch the data collect and the models train.

"Savvi Al's comprehensive tool elevates our organizational solutions by providing near real time insights and speed-to-market value."

Matt K., EVP GainShare

No data?
Messy data?
Run an AI Cold Start

Savvi can collect all the data it needs to train your AI in weeks.

Savvi collecting data

Built for the security and data standards of regulated industries

Savvi is SOC 2 certified and built from the ground up to meet the rigorous scale and security needs of large-scale, regulated organizations. The team at Savvi AI has built and operated AI products at Fortune 500 financial institutions & top global brands.

Savvi Security Single-tenant, controls, explainability, model management

Connect Savvi with your existing systems

Savvi works with your existing tech stack - use Rest APIs, Javascript, Excel, Google Sheets or direct connections to 400+ popular data systems.

Start now with just a spreadsheet

See for yourself how Savvi works. Connect a spreadsheet to Savvi and see how the AI can analyze your data in moments.

Spreadsheet with Savvi