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SAVVI Start-Up

Start-ups need ML to grow.

For companies <$5 M 
revenue or raise.

Up to 50,000 ML events per month

4 team members

2 Environments (Sandbox, Prod)

Decision & Prediction Trace (Limited)

What IF Tools (no code)

Dynamic Decisioning

Dedicated secure client container for Data, Models and APIs

Online Support

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For businesses looking to start with ML-power.

Everything in Start-up, plus:

Up to 200,000 ML events per month

10 team members

Decision & Prediction Trace (Unlimited)

General Model Settings

Customer Success Manager

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Pro Plus

Start scaling your ML use cases and program.

Everything in Pro, plus:

Up to 500,000 ML events per month

25 team members

Advanced Model Settings & Deep Learning Models

Larger Server Cluster for larger through-put

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ML Decisioning plus Enterprise grade features.

Everything in Pro Plus, plus:

1,000,000 ML Events & up

Unlimited team size

3 Custom Environments

On-prem or in VPC hosting options

Dedicated Customer Success manager

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