Analysts, level up your spreadsheets with AI - no coding, no building macros.

Now get multi-dimensional continuously learning predictions and recommendations in your forecasting spreadsheets without the need to know Python, use add-ins, or even build regression analysis.

Harness ML inside Excel - no data science required.

Run the power of AI, natively, in your favorite spreadsheet. Build sophisticated models quickly and leverage machine learning driven predictions and recommendations - without the headache of Python or regression analysis.

Validate your predictions against a machine

Quickly model out multiple scenarios for all your stakeholders, compare their error rates, and arrive at mathematically sound, explainable predictions based on all your data.

Run quick experiments just by toggling on or off different modeling data.

Publish and collaborate on your model anywhere

Publish your model so others can use it in Excel, Google Sheets, JavaScript, APIs or SAVVI's What If tool.

Let's start working together to use Al to make your business better!

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