SAVVI is a team of AI builders driven to help every team succeed with AI.

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Our Story

We’re a team that has spent decades building AI-based intelligent solutions for top brands like Amazon, Citibank, McDonald's, Adidas, Synchrony and Best Buy.

We have seen firsthand how top global brands extend their competitive advantage by creating large AI enabled decisioning systems – huge infrastructures powered by teams of Data Scientists and massive data lakes. But, this is not every business's reality. Most businesses just want the power of AI-driven outcomes, without the cost or headache.

SAVVI was born out of a desire to help all teams succeed in making better data-driven products using AI and Machine Learning.

Our Background

We have spent years building intelligent solutions for top brands.

Our Values

We respect

We treat everyone with respect and understanding.

We prioritize making

We prioritize making over meetings and we are not afraid of doing.

We trust and communicate

We have an environment of flexibility built on trust & communication.

We embrace diversity

We embrace new ideas and diversity in thought, experience, and people.

We are thoughtful

We are thoughtful curious people who care about learning & growing.

We find solutions

We succeed by adapting and finding solutions instead of blame.

We are responsible

We bear a responsibility as we empower people with powerful tools.

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