AI deployed in 2 weeks, not 2 years.

Savvi AI's platform enables rapid deployment of AI decisions and predictions that continually learn

Use SAVVI’s simple UI to define and deploy an AI App

Savvi handles your AI App end-to-end. Define your prediction or decision options, identify business goals and publish.

Savvi collects the data, trains the ML model, builds your objective function, deploys the AI App into your product. Savvi will continuously learn to improve to your goals.

No Data Science experience needed

Savvi trains and build machine learning models that power AI Apps automatically - no need for R, PyTorch, Python or Jupyter notebook development.

Upskill your existing team with the power of AI.

Need more control? Use our management UI to change lookback periods, automatically rebalance data, set preferred model algorithms, easily toggle and off model features and more.

No data? Savvi can run an “AI Cold Start”

Savvi can securely collect data from your product and train an ML model in less than a few weeks. Just drop in a snippet of Savvi’s code and go. No need for a data architecture project to get started with AI.

Deploys as microservices inside your own secure container

Savvi deploys its own secure containers with everything you need to go live in production. The AI Apps auto generate well-documented REST API microservices.

Savvi’s single tenant, SOC II Compliant, architecture ensures sub 40 MS response time to support real time use cases.

Learn more about how it works in our Dev Docs.

Host with Savvi or in your own VPC.

Guardrails, transparency, audit trails and model governance.

Build a system that meets your business and regulatory needs - use guardrails to ensure safety.

Every decision, prediction, and forecast made by Savvi AI is observable, auditable and understandable so you have confidence that you’re avoiding risk and driving the best customer outcomes.

Let's start working together to use Al to make your business better!

In 15 minutes see how SAVVI Al can benefit your business.