Level up your spreadsheets with AI - no coding, no building macros.

Robust machine learning models powering forecasts or recommendations directly in your Excel or gSheets spreadsheet. Lower risk, increased accuracy, and automatically improve every day.

Leverage AI for faster, more accurate analysis

Automatically generate predictions, forecasts, and recommendations without leaving your spreadsheet. Build forecasting models in minutes that learn & improve automatically. This is your sheets with the power of AI.

Example use cases

Loan Origination Forecasting

Allow your planning or credit team to forecast loan originations which are powered by transparent and auditable ML models.

Forecast next month’s deposits

Use machine learning, directly in your planning worksheets, to ensure increased accuracy for compliance purposes.

Predict loan portfolio risk

Calculate aggregate loan risk by predicting charge off rates and profitability across your loan portfolio - simply and effectively.

Ensure the entire team is on the same page

Let multiple team members share centrally managed machine learning models locally in their preferred spreadsheet. Maintain consistency and control enhancing everyone's forecasting accuracy and workflow.

Fully compliant, transparent, auditable AI

No "Black Box" models here. See how your models arrive at results, audit the model decisions, and learn what data is most influential. Build trustworthy AI solutions with Savvi.

Start today with just a spreadsheet

See for yourself how Savvi works. Connect a spreadsheet to Savvi and see how the AI can analyze your data in moments.