Turning data into secure, scalable AI Apps that deliver - that’s SAVVI

SAVVI is a turn-key solution for businesses looking to put their data to work using AI and machine learning. Easy to use, scalable, and secure - AI efficiency with the fastest time-to-value on the market.

Achieve more, faster.

Features That Elevate

End-to-End Tool

Taking you from data collection to actionable Machine Learning-powered decisions in your product quickly with an intuitive tool.

Data and Business Insights

Use SAVVI improve decisions while also learning what data improved performance toward your goals and what data is just noise.

Practical, Trackable Results

Technology with a purpose - goal oriented, results driven, practical Machine Learning for your business goals and workflows.

Guardrails (Controls)

Set controls for the Machine Learning decisions. Make sure your ML decisions are within bounds your business is comfortable with.

Model Transparency & Explainability

No "Black Box" models here. See your models, audit the model decisions and learn what data is used. Complete transparency.

Cold Start without Data

Lack clean, usable causality data for ML? SAVVI can collect data needed to drive decisions with one simple JavaScript drop-in.

Dynamic Decision Options

SAVVI is powerful, and fast, enough to handle decisioning against thousands of options that update in real-time and change.


SAVVI Sheets (No Code)

Ever wondered "What if?" you made a given decision with your data? Now let SAVVI show you - no development resources needed.


Client Containers provide data security and scale

Using single-tenant architecture - your data, models, API serving are separate and isolated. Hosting options: With SAVVI, your VPC or on-prem.

  • Scalable: auto-scaled to handle peak traffic
  • Fast: <40ms response times for real-time decisions
  • Reliable: ongoing performance monitoring
  • Secure: SOC 2 certified, isolated, encrypted data environment

Secure and Scalable

The team at SAVVI AI has worked at Fortune 50 Financial Institutions and top global brands. We architected SAVVI from the ground up to meet the rigorous scale and security needs of these large-scale, regulated companies. This commitment benefits all of our partners.

Isolated Containers

Data, models, and APIs are isolated and secure. Single tenant architecture.

Data Encryption

All data is stored encrypted at rest using AWS KMS.


SSL certificates are 2048 bit RSA, signed with SHA256.

Client specific API Keys

You control who accesses your APIs via your own API keys.

SOC 2 Certified

SAVVI AI is SOC 2 certified. Contact us for details.

Cryptographic Verification

Modern session management using JWT tokenization.

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