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Using SAVVI requires no special skills or experience. Just identify use cases where better decisions would help your business succeed, and we will help you every step of the way. The fastest time-to-value for your business!

SAVVI helps teams achieve their goals using Machine Learning.

See how SAVVI works with different teams to get started.

For Product Teams

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Identify areas in your product where ML-powered decisioning can help add efficiency or personalization. Get ideas.

Product Teams

For Engineering

Engineering Teams illustration

Read our Dev Docs and learn how easy it is to plug in SAVVI for data collection, recommendations, and decisioning.

Dev Docs ↗Engineering Teams

For Data Teams

SAVVI AI for Data Science Teams

Start clearing your project backlog. Get models into production faster, with all the data piping in place, with minimum effort.

Data Teams

Better decisioning in days.

Plugging in SAVVI AI for recommendations is easy and fast.

What kind of data do I need?

You need Causality Data (aka "event driven" data). In order to find the patterns of success, Machine Learning needs to know the cause and effects of actions. Don't have Causality Data? No problem, our easy JavaScript tag can collect it for you to get you started.

Start with Data

Identify a Use Case

Identify opportunities for learning in your tool, product or workflow.

Set up your Goals

Decide on what goals (KPIs) will measure the success of your use case.

Upload or Connect Data

Upload your Data to pre-build models.

Start seeing Recommendations

Drop-in JavaScript or 2 APIs to start getting data-driven decisions.

Watch SAVVI learn to make data-driven decisions.

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No Data (Cold Start)

Identify a Use Case

Identify opportunities for learning in your tool, product or workflow.

Set up your Goals

Set up the goals (KPIs) which identify the success of the use case.

Collect Causality Data

Use our JS drop-in, and start collecting data to build ML models.

Start Seeing Recommendations

Once models are built, start making data-driven decisions.

Watch SAVVI get data to build models for better decisions.

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SAVVI supports connections to hundreds of popular
data sources making set-up even easier.

SAVVI’s system is flexible to your data needs. From CSV upload to REST API to data partner plug-in, we have your data handled.

We have hundreds of supported data connections.
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