Save time and money by turning data into better decisions.

Manufacturing companies are filled with data, but does that data drive timely, better business decisions? SAVVI turns data into a continuous optimization process using Machine Learning. Use ML-powered automation to improve performance and reduce costs across the value chain.

SAVVI For Manufacturing

With SAVVI, manufacturers can empower their existing teams to make better decisions faster using Machine Learning. Easy to set up and launch, all at a fraction of other solutions' cost, resource needs, and complexity. Address pressing use cases such as:  

  • predictive maintenance (especially with rotating assets)
  • prevent unexpected downtime
  • turn data visualizations into actionable next best actions
  • optimize servicing time and schedule

Feature highlights

Features centered on your needs.


SAVVI handles the entire ML process including: data pipeline, including data collection, model building, model ops, decisioning, and controls.

Low Code Launch

Use your existing team to launch with a JavaScript tag or two documented REST APIs. Code samples and documentation provided.

Intuitive Tool

Set-up is easy with SAVVI’s intuitive tool - no ML experience is needed. Identify your use case, goals, and select your data in one easy interface.

Related Use Cases

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