Help customers find the perfect insurance plan for their needs.


Companies who sell insurance packages usually have several package options and many combinations: from deductibles, to supplemental coverages, to a variety of monthly premiums. This makes the process of selecting the perfect plan for customers very difficult. When signing up for a new plan, many customers get confused or frustrated, leading to breakage and site abandonment. 


  • Increase quote acceptance rate
  • Decrease sign-up breakage

SAVVI AI Solution & Results

Using SAVVI AI, insurance companies can rank order different packages by accurately predicting which package is most likely to meet the end-customers needs, get accepted and be within their budget. As customers are presented with options, SAVVI AI learns which are most likely to be both accepted and not lapsed. This drives the order for future customers that match those patterns of success. The Insurance company can even use Guardrails to control that all policies meet compliance guidelines.

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