Savvi AI wins Finovate 2024 Best of Show for Savvi Sheets

Maya Mikhailov

We are thrilled to announce that Finovate's spring show attendees voted Savvi AI as "Best of Show" for 2024!

The Savvi team gave a live demo of their newest product - Savvi Sheets - to an enthusiastic audience of banks, credit unions, and FinTechs in San Francisco. 

Savvi Sheets provides robust AI / machine-learning models that power forecasts or recommendations directly within Excel or Google Sheets. 

Teams can stay in their existing workflows with their spreadsheets while benefiting from the Savvi AI platform, which includes AI explainability, model audit trails, controls, and continuous learning. 

Savvi is helping teams use the data in their existing spreadsheets to launch an AI program without the need for specialists or core integrations. 

Teams using spreadsheets have saved tens of hours per week on each analysis while increasing the accuracy of forecasting models by at least 15%. 

For Financial Institutions, this means being able to get started immediately with a robust and safe AI platform without waiting for integrations. 

Savvi Sheets empowers all teams to conduct AI-powered scenario planning, enabling them to quickly and accurately predict potential outcomes, such as the likelihood of a loan becoming delinquent if interest rates fluctuate. This practical application of AI enhances operational efficiency and opens doors to identifying growth opportunities through customer data analysis. 

Savvi AI is very excited about our reception at the Finovate show, where it is clear that many in the Financial Services space are looking for opportunities to use AI in a practical manner to drive results effectively.

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