SAVVI AI Wins Finovate Spring 'Best in Show' award!

We're thrilled to announce a milestone achievement for SAVVI AI – we clinched the "Best in Show" award at the Finovate Spring event for our live demo.

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Our winning demo presentation:

This award was voted on by an audience of industry insiders from the banking, credit union, FinTech, and insurance sectors. SAVVI AI proudly demonstrated the simplicity and practicality of setting up an AI app for various optimization scenarios, impressing hundreds of participants.

One of the key highlights was when we worked with our Product Manager, Dan, to showcase a real-world application of our AI. Dan was experiencing a slump in Loan Offer Acceptance Rates, and within a mere five minutes, we were able to set up an AI app to help him counter this challenge. This live demonstration showed our solution's efficiency and reflected its potential to enable enterprise-wide AI enablement.

SAVVI AI isn't just about swift, intelligent solutions; we're also committed to building a system that respects and complies with industry regulations. With this in mind, we highlighted how SAVVI AI is designed from its foundations for regulated industries, equipped with enterprise-ready features that provide controls, transparency, and auditability.

SAVVI AI prides itself on ensuring our technology is easy to use, safe, and fair. We're also proud to note our commitment to security, boasting SOC 2 compliance.

The response post-demo was extraordinary - product and technical teams were eager to solve their business challenges with our practical, Agile AI.

At SAVVI AI, we're on a mission to revolutionize the way enterprises think about AI - gone are the days of significant resources, large infrastructures, and teams of specialists custom coding AI; SAVVI offers every business a chance to optimize with Agile AI solutions as nimble as their own products and processes. Our win at Finovate Spring is a validation of our efforts and a stepping stone toward achieving greater feats in the AI landscape. We can't wait to continue shaping the future of AI!

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