Are your BI dashboards making better decisions, or just overwhelming teams with data?


“The current state of business decision-making is unsustainable.”
- Gartner 2021

BI dashboards aim to help teams make better decisions, but right now, many of those dashboards are failing.

Most dashboards just flood BI and Analytics teams with data, leaving flood BI and Analytics teams with data, leaving them spending hours sifting through the noise to try to find valuable insights for decision-making. This process is cumbersome and slows businesses from taking the timely actions they need to succeed.  


  • Increase efficiency of decision-making
  • Decrease time spent on sifting through data

SAVVI AI Solution & Results

With SAVVI, superpower your internal tools and BI dashboards with Machine Learning-powered decisioning. SAVVI can provide a “Recommended Action” box for any internal analytics dashboard or management tool to achieve the businesses goals.

Get actionable next best steps such as:

  • Recommended Pricing
  • Suggested Ad Placement
  • Recommended Provider to Service
  • ...and much more.

Turn Business Intelligence into Business Action.

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“SAVVI AI’s comprehensive tool elevates our organizational marketing solutions by providing near real time insights and speed-to-market value to our clients."

Matt K., GainShare EVP

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