Have a Non-Sufficient Funds issue with your customers?


SAVVI’s client extends short-term credit to end consumers but needs to pay the merchant the same day. In the case where the consumer fails to re-pay the client, they are left paying out of their own pocket. 

The Client engaged SAVVI to supercharge their existing rules engine - to create a learning system that continuously evaluated customers for risk or fraud. 


  • Decrease Non-Sufficient Funds events
  • Increase successful transactions

SAVVI AI Solution & Results

SAVVI built upon the client’s existing rules engine - quickly and cost-effectively adding Machine Learning to their decisioning system. The client was able to spin up their own evolving decisioning tool which constantly takes into account new customer data.

20% reduction in the first four weeks of Non-Sufficient Funds events. Continued improvement on results.

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Integrating was just super easy. It gave us ML functionality we needed quickly, without having to build it from scratch.

PJ Caraher, CTO, Aeropay

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