Spending too much time classifying essential data?


SAVVI’s FinTech client Carputty had a scaling challenge, as it grew, it's team was spend too much time sorting and classifying income data in order to understand a customer's complete financial picture. This work was manual, error-prone, and time-consuming for the client’s internal team. Although a bank aggregator provided transaction information, those transactions were not adequately classified to provide an accurate picture of income and regular expenses.  


  • Increase classification accuracy rates
  • Decrease manual effort

SAVVI AI Solution & Results

With SAVVI, the client quickly set up a Machine Learning powered classification engine that continuously learned and improved. SAVVI-powered decisioning was able to quickly identify and learn income and expense items per customer, and classify them to accurately portray a customer’s monthly financial picture.

Using SAVVI AI, Carputty improved processing time of income categorization by over 50% - representing hundreds of hours of time saved and better results for their customers.

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With SAVVI, our team is using Machine Learning to scale efficiently, saving time and money.

Joshua Tatum, CPO, Carputty

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