Want to automate cross-sell and upsell opportunities with customers?


SAVVI’s client had a manual process in place to suggest financial products for their clients. This process was often dictated by a set marketing calendar, required tedious segmentation to target, and wasn’t personalized per client. This led to a less than optimal engagement and application of new financial products.


  • Increase engagement and learn more events
  • Increase credit product adoption

SAVVI AI Solution & Results

SAVVI powers “Intelligent Banners” on their client’s post-login Dashboard page, with no need for audience segmentation. Each placement shows a specific next-best- offer, out of their existing set, tailored to each client. SAVVI is continuously learning to find new opportunities to offer customers more of what they want. 

Integrating was just super easy. It gave us ML functionality we needed quickly, without having to build it from scratch.

PJ Caraher, CTO, Aeropay

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