Need a better way to identify the right media mix, automatically?


SAVVI’s client was spending hundreds of hours per campaign, analyzing data, and coming up with different media mixes (ex: radio, online, TV) for their campaigns. Each combination needed to be regularly optimized per campaign goal.

With millions of fast-moving data points being updated continuously, SAVVI’s client needed to find an automated way to get the best results quickly.


  • Decrease the expected cost of impressions (eCPM)
  • Increase the overall media reach

SAVVI AI Solution & Results

SAVVI's Dynamic Decisioning feature allows the client to test thousands of different media mix combinations in less than one second. Quickly determine the right channel, time, and spend to achieve their goals. 

Not only did SAVVI find the best-performing advertising plan, it provided predictive analytics to help forecast expected ROI on ads. 

“SAVVI AI’s comprehensive tool elevates our organizational marketing solutions by providing near real time insights and speed-to-market value to our clients."

Matt K., GainShare EVP

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