Have you ever wondered if you are pricing products correctly?


SAVVI’s client needed to figure out the right price, on a product with daily changing market conditions. All while optimizing for profitability and sell-through.

They had built a sophisticated tool to analyze over 30 data points related to market, consumer, and their own internal costs, but when looking at over a thousand pricing decisions per day, teams were overwhelmed with data.


  • Price point decisioning
  • Optimize for profitability
  • Increase team efficiency

SAVVI AI Solution & Results

SAVVI presented a client with a solution to meet their growing and fluid pricing needs with Machine Learning-powered decisioning. SAVVI recommend a price daily based on continuously learning on all data points with two goals: increasing profit margins, while decreasing time to sell.

Now the client has a smart widget to help guide the team on optimal pricing - finding better margins and faster sell-through over 78% of the time.

Integrating was just super easy. It gave us ML functionality we needed quickly, without having to build it from scratch.

PJ Caraher, CTO, Aeropay

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