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Increase efficiency and profitability. Drive better results.

Successful Financial Services organizations have harnessed the power of data to improve results with continuous optimization. Now all Financial Services organizations can unlock the power of Machine Learning for profitability and performance.

SAVVI for 

Financial Services

With SAVVI, FinTechs and Financial Institutions can empower their existing teams to make better decisions faster using Machine Learning to upsell services, decrease NSF events, enhance overdraft alerts or add operational efficiency. At a fraction of the cost, resources, and complexity of other solutions.

Client Stories

Carputty - SAVVI AI saves time and money

With SAVVI, our team is using Machine Learning to scale efficiently, saving time and money.

Joshua Tatum, CPO, Carputty

Carputty knew Machine Learning could help them categorize transactions, but they wanted something more: a learning solution that drove greater business success. They chose SAVVI AI because it was easy to implement and could generate value for the business quickly - without requiring ML specialists or long timelines.

Carputty went live with SAVVI AI within one Sprint, gathering data to create Machine Learning models. Carputty also used fleet learning to increase categorization accuracy and identify influencing data that could improve the decision. Using SAVVI AI, Carputty improved processing time of income categorization by over 50% - representing hundreds of hours of time saved and better, faster results for their customers.

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Feature highlights

Features centered on your needs.

Scale and Security

Auto-scaled, single-tenant architecture that isolates data, models, and APIs. Designed to ensure a sub 50ms response time.

Decision Trace

Audit trails for peace of mind. Deep-dive into decisions and learn the "why?" of how the model arrived at its conclusion.

Guard Rails

Take control of Machine Learning. Set up boundaries for decisions to ensure compliance and reduce risk.

Client Stories

With SAVVI, our team is using Machine Learning to scale efficiently, saving time and money.

Joshua Tatum, CPO, Carputty

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