Save time and money with data-driven decisioning.

Supply chains are undergoing a dramatic transformation. Those harnessing the power of data are poised to succeed. SAVVI supercharges your process, and team, by bringing the power of Machine Learning for continuous optimization.

SAVVI For Logistics

With SAVVI, transform your complex logistics decisioning into a learning system. Allow SAVVI to recommend the best option, alert to delays, or drive optimal ROI. No specialists or prior ML experience is needed - your existing team can easily add SAVVI to your own systems such as a TMS or dashboard.

Client Stories

Forbes - Leverage AI without all the plumbing.

Feature highlights

Features centered on your needs.

Intuitive Tool

Set-up is easy with SAVVI’s intuitive tool - no ML experience is needed. Identify your use case, goals, and select your data in one easy interface.

Low Code Launch

Use your existing team to launch with a JavaScript tag or two documented REST APIs. Code samples and documentation provided.

Guard Rails

Take control of Machine Learning. Set up boundaries for decisions to ensure compliance and reduce risk.

"Several platforms enable teams to leverage AI without all the plumbing. SAVVI AI is the one I’ve had the most success with."

Patrick Emmons, CEO

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