Spinning your wheels trying to improve order processing efficiency?


For smaller businesses and logistics companies, assigning an order processing facility can be a manual, and time-consuming task. A lot of time is lost in analyzing the specifics of the order, team capacity, and details of each facility to make the assignment. As a business grows, this manual effort isn't scalable and subject to staffing/labor shortages.   


  • Decrease time to process the order
  • Decrease overall order processing costs

SAVVI AI Solution & Results

SAVVI AI can quickly enable a team to add a Machine Learning-powered recommendation widget, directly into their order processing workflow or dashboard. This widget can analyze data real-time to recommend a processing facility.

SAVVI AI is able to ingest the hundreds of data points about the order, and the available facilities to find the patterns that drive improved efficiency. Lowering costs and time to process the order.

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