Tired of wasting resources on unplanned service events?


Unplanned service events can become very costly, require overtime pay and service credits, and often cause customer service woes. Not only do they create problems for the customers and the account teams servicing those customers, but they also create escalation events that may derail strategic initiatives.


  • Reduce unplanned service events
  • Reduce maintenance costs

SAVVI AI Solution & Results

By predicting an outage quickly, SAVVI enables your team to prioritize servicing tasks - reducing the overall costs and improving your ability to maintain your services without interruption. SAVVI finds the patterns of success through real-time analysis of historical and current data from different IoT devices. This data feeds a learning loop, continuously improving predictive models.

"Several platforms enable teams to leverage AI without all the plumbing. SAVVI AI is the one I’ve had the most success with."

Patrick Emmons, CEO

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