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The world's most successful retailers have harnessed data to deliver consumers continuous personalized benefits. SAVVI brings your team the power of Machine Learning for automated, ROI-driven personalization.

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Commerce is competitive - great decision-making and fast reactions can make or break a quarter. Automating data-driven decisioning is the secret sauce of every successful commerce brand.

With SAVVI commerce and retail companies can quickly launch Machine Learning powered automation - to price products for better margins, increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and add operational efficiencies. At the fraction of the cost, resources, and complexity of other solutions.

Client Stories

UL Labs - SAVVI helps lift eCommerce Site Cross-Sell

UL Labs was looking for an easy-to-implement solution to help lift conversion rates by personalizing the shopping experience for each individual customer. They used SAVVI to recommend products, out of their vast catalog, that are more likely to be of interest to each of their returning customers.

Within a matter of weeks UL Labs lifted their Related Products click-through-rates by over 70% , resulting in higher conversion rates.

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SAVVI handles the entire ML process including: data pipeline, including data collection, model building, model ops, decisioning, and controls.

Goals Driven Dashboard

Machine Learning decisioning is a better way of achieving business outcomes, faster. See your KPIs improve as SAVVI optimizes to your goals.

Low Code Launch

Use your existing team to launch with a JavaScript tag or two documented REST APIs. Code samples and documentation provided.

Client Stories

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