Tired of running manual A/B Tests?


The process of A/B testing is manual, overly generalized, clunky, and error-prone. Certainly not personalized per user. Because the results of A/B tests can only be seen in retrospect, preventing real-time reaction and true automation. Furthermore, A/B tests only capture a moment in time; when market conditions change, A/B tests are not capturing the new data to learn from new results automatically.


  • Increase site or product engagement
  • Decrease bounce rates

SAVVI AI Solution & Results

SAVVI AI automates intelligent testing, removing the need for a manual A/B testing process. Identify your goals, and watch SAVVI AI automatically test options to reach the goals you are looking to accomplish. As well, the the tool automatically feeds the results data back for continuous learning and optimization. Execute with a simple JavaScript tag, and watch user information data turn into better optimization to the website or product goals.

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