Take the headache out of classification of reasons for late arrival.


In Logistics, customers often demand to know why something arrived late.  There can be many reasons for late arrival, and some of those reasons will even result in client refunds. Being accurate on the causes and delivering that reason quickly is critical to providing the best overall customer experience while limiting your company’s exposure to unwarranted refunds.


  • Improve correct classification

SAVVI AI Solution & Results

Using SAVVI AI, a logistics provider can quickly launch a system that learns from its experts. By combining logistics data with different classifications for late arrival, SAVVI will learn to predict which classification for delay cause is correct. SAVVI has delivered 87% percent accuracy in models with other data classification clients within just a few weeks of going live, and this has saved thousands of hours of their team’s time and tens of thousands of dollars in costs.

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Several platforms enable teams to leverage AI without all the plumbing. SAVVI AI is the one I’ve had the most success with.

Patrick Emmons, CEO

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